Funeral Directing Course Description: Funeral Merchandising

posted July 11th, 2011 by admin

First thoughts regarding all things funeral may seem or feel morbid. However, death is a part of life and can be dealt with in a caring, respectful manner. If you are a person who is interested in business, but also have a tender side, studying Funeral Directing may be the perfect fit for you.  Should you choose to study Funeral Directing, here are a few of the courses you would take toward your degree: General Psychology, Biology 1, History of Funeral Service, Occupational Safety, Mortuary Law, Operating a Business, Sociology of Funeral Service, Counseling/Dynamics of Grief and Mortuary Merchandising.

What is Mortuary Merchandising? This course will be an important part of your education as it will present to you the study of marketing and merchandising techniques necessary for small business in general and the funeral business in particular. You will study pricing methods, merchandising/sales techniques and casket and burial vault construction. You will learn that you are part counselor and part sales person, in that you will need to be compassionate, as well as match the grieving family with appropriate products. This course will equip you with knowledge and self confidence. It will include basic terminology, theory, personnel management and financing and pricing.

If the thought of helping clients who are in the midst of one of life’s most difficult moments appeals to your caring side, and if the satisfaction of helping them choose the best funeral products appeals to your business side, then you may have found your path in life.

As you may know, online programs have become in demand due to the flexibility and convenience needed by students. If you are a well disciplined person and are more comfortable in a home learning environment, then you may greatly benefit from an online program.

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